Saturday, May 21, 2011


Work has been crazy for me. I am working myself tired and know that something has to change or I am going to burn myself out. I am already getting close. I am dreading work almost everyday right now, and that is no good. I keep thinking that if I just do a liitle more then it will get better but I am not seeing an end in sight. I brought it home for my day off because I don't feel like I have enough time to do it at work. The cycle never ends!

The thing I am most frustrated with right now is that I am actually training people to be my boss. I ask why am I not being considered for these positions and am told that I need to take my own development into my hands because I am good enough (suggested even better than the ones hired) but because I am not out there reminding people daily that I want these jobs its my fault. When said boss is asked about him putting my name out there, he reminds me that my position should be my priority and it is my responsibilty to get my name put on the list... but not to expect it anytime soon because I am needed where I am at. Ggggrrrr...... So what I am learning is 110% is good enough if I do my own campaigning and at the same time too good because they don't want to let me go.

Just venting, though, just venting...