Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Night

So, I am hanging out with David Bowie, eating Volun-Tiramasu, drinking coffee, and playing some video games. Good Sunday Night.
Love me some Dragon Age and Little Big Planet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cleaning never smelled so good.

I use many method products, but I have found my new favorite! I love it!

It is Method All-Purpose Pink Grapefruit Cleaner.

I have been using it in my kitchen and the scent is wonderful. Reminds me of my childhood home where the entrance had a large trellis of mountain roses. Makes me smile everytime I smell it, where as most cleaners give me a bit of a headache.
I now use it everywhere I can, living room, bedroom, bathroom...

Roses, ah.

It is good for the environment, as in it is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic (yay!). Method is very eco savy. If you want the entire list of ingrediants, click here.

Also, "Pink Grapefruit" in French is, "Pamplemousse Rose". I like that, it is fun to say!

So, thumbs up! Try it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Morphin Time

I watched Power Rangers on TV as a teen. When I got out of school, I would come home, hop up on the bed, turn on the tele, and practice kip ups while creating my own Ranger, the Green Ranger, and envisioning my own story plots. She was paired with the Brontosaurus, and was a hippie, tree-hugging, circus acrobat. As most of you Ranger fans know, a few episodes later, they introduced Tommy, the Green Ranger (not as good as mine, but he was okay) thus, I created the Purple Ranger in my head haha. I always had to have my own. My Rangerlost her powers to Tommy, but was gifted new "magical" ones and was paired with the Phoenix; I know, it's not a dinosaur but it was cooler. Later after the movie release, it was time for a revamp so I became the Prismatic Ranger... cool huh...
Well, long story short, me and my active imagination had alot of good times and thus, now, even though I am a bit older, my mind wonders down memory lane and I find myself watching Power Rangers on Netflix and having a really good laugh. So, as I lay here, rehabing from oral surgery, I decided to create my own Ranger Team. An all girl team of hipster, eco, fashionistas that save the world.

Green Ranger

Green Ranger by Aria_belle featuring cuffed shorts

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger by Aria_belle featuring a pink tee

Purple Ranger

Purple Ranger by Aria_belle featuring star shoes

Black Ranger

Black Ranger by Aria_belle featuring low heels

Red Ranger

Red Ranger by Aria_belle featuring patent leather high heels

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger by Aria_belle featuring metal necklaces

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger by Aria_belle featuring beaded jewelry

White Ranger

White Ranger by Aria_belle featuring leather boots


Well, I hope you enjoyed! Check out more of my stuff on Polyvore!!!!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Nature Walk by Aria_belle featuring buckle watches

Cargo shorts
$48 -

Lace up boots
$855 -

Wendy Mink beading necklace
$235 -

Michael Kors buckle watch
$225 -

Link necklace
$15 -

Loss of Wisdom

I had my Wisdom Teeth removed on Friday and am spending my weekend propped up on the couch drinking water and taking pain meds.

I have been spending my laptop time surfing the web, checking out Etsy, Facebooking and creating sets on Polyvore.

Etsy Finds :

The worst part of this is the swollen chipmunk cheeks that I am trying to get to go down with a frozen bag of corn, and the fact that I am, for some reason or another, craving Chicken Fried Steak from Furr's. I think my tummy is just tired of soup, soup and jello.

My goal for the day is to dust teh livingroom and finish the Harry Potter book I am reading and start on my next. Getting closer to release time and I want to have them all read ^^

If you haven't seen the new trailer, here it is! SO EXCITED!!!

Okay, getting tired now... sleep...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Phoenix Comic Con 2011

Phoenix Comic Con 2011 has come and gone. As an exhibitor, we got to have all day, full access, which was nice, but running a booth... exhausting! I was there with the Arizona Avengers, a non-profit costuming group. I also got to spend, what felt like 5 minutes, some time being a fan and wore my Wonder Woman costume, took a picture with Leonard Nemoy, and stood in long lines haha. So things I learned this year:

1) Preview Night is quite busy and costumes are a must.

2) You need a minion dressed in civies to run the booth because if you are wearing a costume, people will want you in the pictures.

3) Get a hotel room!!! We bummed for dressing in and out of costumes, but also recommend to negate that long ride in and out everyday.

4) Carry your camera and get pics taken because out of the thousands of pictures you pose for, you will find 20.
5) Take time to be a fan. All work and no play makes for some wear down.

and last but not least... Stan Lee is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

We were so lucky as a group to be chosen to take our pic with Stan. He was so nice and shook all our hands and thanked us as we gushed and thanked him for being... well him.

I was honored to stand next to him and he turned, smiled up at me, and said hello, and I just giggled as first. It took me a second to collect myself and say, "hello Mr Lee, thanks for taking this picture", profound, aren't I :)

The booth was alot of fun. We raised $700 for Tracie's Tooth Fairy, a non profit that helps to give cancer patients back their smiles after chemo. Our booth was across from the 501st and next to the Brown Coats, so we were surrounding by Star Wars Troopers and Firefly fans (YAY!)

I saw alot of amazing costumes! One of my favorites was these little kids! If I ever adopt these will be my children!! Amazing costumes!
One of the reasons I wish I had my camera was all the costumes I missed! I stole some from other photographers on flickr and facebook, but I am still looking for others.

One of the best things about con and meeting new costumers and also hanging out the friends you have already made!

Doesn't my my friend Jackie look beautiful as Zatanna! And that is my little hulking doll I made (Stan Lee held him!)

Now I just have to start getting ready for next year and all the cons in between!