Monday, November 21, 2011

So, I am horrible at keeping up with blogs. I could never be one of the lads or lasses who do this regularly. I luckily have a small fan base so I do not have to worry about disappointing the masses.

I will say that for last week, I am thankful for my local comic book shop. They are always there for me when I need them. Makeing a so-so day wonderful by filling it full of action-packed adventure. Todd and team, you are superific! Go Hero Comics!
I am thankful for comfy pajamas, you get me through the toughest nights. You comfort and care for me and leave me all snuggly warm. Hugs to all the pajamas out there.

I am thankful for Woodchuck Cider. How yummy and happy you make me; pairing so nicely with pizza, chicken, and more. My hand would fill so empty playing video games and hanging out talking without you in it.

My super comfy sleep inducing couch. You were the best Christmas/Birthday/ Anniversary gift. You suck the life out of me, but somehow I don't mind because you do it so nicely.

Now I am going to snuggle on the super comfy couch with hubby while he plays Skyrim. Love lazy nights.

Monday, November 7, 2011

So, Lately I think I have been acting a bit sour, so I have decided to do the Thankful Challenge (not sure the real name, but that is what I call it) I am going to post every day, or every couple of days, and say what I am thankful for. Hoping this will get me ready for that Christmas Spirit. I am a little late, (yeah, yeah, I do things my own way haha) so I will start off with a list to get me caught up of the 8 things I am most Thankful for this year. Then the rest will be daily choices inspired by the now.

1. My Husband - He is truly my best friend. He is one of "The Good Ones" as my Mom would say. Caring, Thoughtful, A Hard Worker, Motivational, Creative, Romantic, Funny, and WONDERFUL! I would say he does too much for me and he replies that he doesn't do enough. He is My Heart.

2. My Family - I sincerely think I have one of the best families in the World.
My Mother is my role model. The woman who taught me what it was to be a Lady; a feisty, adventurous, independent, caring lady. She is my Hero. I honestly know no better woman than her. My Father, the strong silent type. Strong and yet so funny. No tears ever ran too long for he could make me smile with a few words. He showed me what a hard work was and how to be my best.
My Sister is a combination of Julia Childs, Julie Andrews, Martha Stewart, and Mother Theresa. She is so talented in life. She inspires me to creative. adventurous, and daring. And is all the above isn't enough, she is also a great wife and mom.
My Brother, shy, happy, imaginative, easy-going, and caring. Always my friend, always willing to be there for me. He has grown to be a strong man and now, a great father. Even when I jumped up and down on one of his favorite toys, he still forgave me. He is my Big Brother.

3. My Friends - Be they near or far, they are all amazing and help get me through the bad times and join me in celebrating the good. I can be my big, nerdy self with them and they still love and encourage me. I love how individual they all are. They love me even though I only call once a year. They help me even when I am cranky, bitchy, and impossible. They laugh with me, even if I am a mess. Be it through Real Life, Facebook, Blogger, Text, Phone, or more, they are honest, caring, fun, crafty, silly, geeky, nerdy, amazing, amazing people.

okay now the less mushy ones...

4. David Bowie - Yes he is an amazing artist and who can resist Jareth from Labyrinth, but I am talking about my sweet, sweet girl, my pooch Mrs. David Bowie, or Bow Bow to us. She is my wonderful and curious child. She has such a great personality. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. One of the best things I ever did was bring her home from the pound. I watch her right now, ripping into her toy lobster and smile. Who couldn't love that face.

5. Creativity - I love being able to express myself in so many ways. I am not the best at what I do, but I don't care. Just the ability to be imaginative makes my day. Be it writing, photography, crafting, painting, or more. I love that I can make something that makes me happy.

6. Costuming - (speaking of crafting) Costuming has brought many pains but so much more is fun. What I once thought of as just for Halloween and special occasion has turned into so much more. When I first was introduced to the idea of joining the costume community, I thought it would be silly and was honestly a little embarrassed. But once I stood in front of a group of children and saw their faces, I was hooked. I get to be a hero, a super star, a Victorian, and anything else my mind can dream up.

7. My new home - Paul and I purchased our first home this year and are so excited to be delving into a new adventure. Though at times I am pulling my hair out, it is still so unbelievably fun. The excitement of it being ours outweighs the fears of it not being up to my expectations. And who hates having a pool (even with all the crummy upkeep)

---So, I already feel better and happier, let's se if I can keep up the positive spirits!