Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Hero - Heroes for Heroes

So it has been a crafting palooza around here lately.
Project Hero will be hosting an event on Saturday, March 30th at Hero Comics.
We are raiding money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

We will have artists who are donating their time and work, as well as recruitment centers for The Worlds Mightiest Organization - COBRA, oh, and the Joes.
As well as plenty of opportunities to get your photo taken with some of the heroes, as well as some of the joes.

So what have I been working on???

Lots and lots of sewing. I was reminded again how easy it is to sew non spandex material :) however how unfun it is to put in darts. I have also been helping Paul with his costume. I sewed him a wonderful gold scale pant and top. My husband amazes me everyday with his crafting genius. He sculpted, molded, and cast his own snake cowl. It is pretty amazing!
I am very excited to premier these costumes on Saturday.
Storm Shadow and Serpentor on the way.

If you want to come out, please do! We would love the support!
Here is the invite for Heroes for Heroes

Monday, March 18, 2013

Luck of the Irish

So, Paul and I both have to work for one of our favorite holidays. We decided to celebrate early on Saturday the 16th and just made sure we stayed awake until after midnight. We tried something new this year and had an Asian Inspired St Patrick's Day with Sushi and Sake Bombers. It was adventurous and although we did not have Green Beer other than the homemade variety, we had friends and good times. A big thanks to Jackie, Garrick, and Jose for joining us.

 This was my fun outfit for St Patrick's Day

Friday, March 1, 2013

Renovation on My Mind

So, this morning I noticed upon stepping out of my shower that I have black mold on my dry wall from a shower leak. It might not be crazy serious black mold, but it is black mold, so no matter, I would like it gone.

If my mold looked like this mold, I actually might keep it, seal it, and frame it... but it doesn't

So, I am nowing thinking renovation haha. I know, this is a huge step from small 3 in. x 3 in patch of mold to ripping out tile, the shower, the tub, and redoing all the fixtures, but in my head I am imagining that mold creeping behind the shower install and having spreaad throughout the bathroom.
I also watch property brothers and other HG shows and tell myself that Paul and I can do this for under $3000.

Here are some of my ideas and inspriations I have been looking at today:
I totally dig this bathtub. If I could find something similar but a lot cheaper, that would be nice.
or... this one

I know Paul loves natural rock so I htink this shower would be amazing if I could get some white and grey rocks mixed in. I also just recently found a love for Pecan wood floors.
 But then again I really like this entire look

 I will have to continue to think, price, and debate... and also have Paul look and see if it is just a quick drywall repair...