Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Costumes to Come

It's that time again... I have decided and planned out my costumes for the year, and drum roll please..... 

I will be making:

Breakfast Princess with a Waffle Princess Drink Koozie
Due Date: 10/19
Goal Completion Date: 10/1

 Movie/Comic Book Black Widow
(Project Hero)
Due Date: 11/8
Goal Completion Date:11/1

Catching Fire Katniss Hunting Garb
(Project Hero)
Due Date: 11/23
Goal Completion Date:11/15

New 52 Barbara Gordon Batgirl
(Project Hero: Yearly Group Choice)
Due Date: 2/1
Goal Completion Date: 1/1

Fem Fashionable Captain Kirk
(Girl Fun)
Due Date: 5/1
Goal Completion Date: 4/1

Aliens Colonial Marines
(Guy Fun)
Due Date: 6/5
Goal Completion Date: 5/1

Spartacus Saxa
(Paul and Mine's PCC Fun)
Due Date: 6/5
Goal Completion Date: 5/15


Quite a list, and this after Paul and I promised ourselves we would only do 1 -2 costumes each year from now on haha.

All this and we still have 2 commissions we are working. (Captain America and XMen - Phoenix)

I will post update pictures as I work on and complete each costume...