Friday, November 1, 2013

30 in 30 Finale

So, this was a bit harder than I thought but it has been done haha! Luckily there are new things you are introduced to each day that are a bit unexpected. (if not I probably would not have made it)
Best part of Week 4? The unexpected success of my Fantana costume and my anniversary gifts from my amazing husband.

Day 24
New Yum yums
This Thursday I had the wonderful joy of closing. No surprise, I close every Thursday, but the big surprise was that Paul packed me a dinner. So sweet. He made chicken and jalapeno rice with squash and zucchini. It was so good. One of my new favorite meals! Just enough spice to jazz it up. It was cute all bagged up in my Storm Trooper bag with a healthy desert. I also had the Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yoplait, which was not as good as the dinner. Not much flavor, mainly just tasted the Greek yogurt. I definitely like the tropical one much better.

Day 25
New tea time
Organic Raspberry Leaf by Traditional Medicinals. It is really good. I think I had 4 cups before work while I worked on my Fantana pants which were a huge pain in the rear. Who new restructuring and fitting a size 34 / 34 men's pants down to a women's size 5 would be such a bad experience haha. I made it worse by cutting off too much fabric and then having to make it work. Tea was really good though.
Day 26 and Day 27
Halloween Shenanigans
We threw our Halloween Party this night and had so much fun haha. The Anchorman costumes were a hit. Who new I would have that much fun in a mustache and acting as a man. Our friend Danny was Burgandy, I am next in my Fantana, Paul was a little too smart to be Brick, but he tried, and then we had our very Champ, Champ. The night was full of good friends, games, and more. the more included a late night that went in to the early morning. Our Champ was kind enough to introduce some Apple Pie Whiskey to the party goers.  It is a very sweet tasting alcohol. Very sweet. It smelled a bit of old apple juice left out to long which has begun to crystalize. We mixed it with a few other concoctions, none of which were successful. Let's just say I don't think I will be buying more anytime soon.
I also had lots more of the Raspberry Tea later Sunday because I lost my voice and felt slightly worse for wear.
Day 28
Funny Movie? 

 We went with our friends Matt and Megan to the Esplenade Dine-In Theater to watch Bad Grandpa on Monday night. It was okay. Not exactly my type of humor. I did laugh a couple of times, but, yeah, more of a guy movie I think. Paul seemed to really like it. Best part of the night was when I luckily had to use the ladies room, therefore missing the "joke" involving pooping on a wall. Man... Let's just say fart jokes and naked old men don't make me roll over giggling.

Day 29
Not so good new experience.

So, I had my second crown put in in September. That alone was an adventure because of errors made by the dental office, it took 6 visits in all to make it happen. So my new experience was that for the first time, I had a crown break in half. Yep, one month old, and while I was eating soup and cracker, snap, there it went. Luckily the fit me in pulled the old one of and gave me a temporary until the new one comes in. Kind of crazy. Let's just hope that the new one lasts longer than a month.

Day 30

Fun Times

One of my gifts that I was planning on giving Paul for our anniversary was to make a League of Legends of character that we could play together. (Funny thing was that he thought the same thing and was trying to download the game for me while I was at work and couldn't figure out why my computer was saying it already had the version.) Great minds think alike I guess. So on Wednesday I played my first game. I tried out Vayne, a Night Hunter who uses ranged weapons to attack with. She is okay... I am going to try a tank next.  After a few hours of that we, or I should say I watch a new movie on Netflix, to prepare for Halloween A Haunting at Silver Falls it was pretty bad haha, I didn't even jump once and I guessed the ending half way through. Definitely not recommending to anyone else :)

 Day 31 (1 extra)

Halloween Anniversary

Paul and I had a great Halloween. We woke up to gifts form each other. Just a few small items to brings smiles and laughs. Our big gift was a Brock Samson statue to go with my Molotov.
We went to lunch at Logan's which neither of us has had in years, and then we came home and started getting ready for Project Hero's Trick or Treating event. After that we went to Jackie and G's and hung out with friends, ending the night at Angel's Trumpet trying their October 31st special, a giant chicken biscuit with gravy and cheese. Delicious, especially the tater tots.
This blog series was an adventure in itself.