Monday, November 21, 2011

So, I am horrible at keeping up with blogs. I could never be one of the lads or lasses who do this regularly. I luckily have a small fan base so I do not have to worry about disappointing the masses.

I will say that for last week, I am thankful for my local comic book shop. They are always there for me when I need them. Makeing a so-so day wonderful by filling it full of action-packed adventure. Todd and team, you are superific! Go Hero Comics!
I am thankful for comfy pajamas, you get me through the toughest nights. You comfort and care for me and leave me all snuggly warm. Hugs to all the pajamas out there.

I am thankful for Woodchuck Cider. How yummy and happy you make me; pairing so nicely with pizza, chicken, and more. My hand would fill so empty playing video games and hanging out talking without you in it.

My super comfy sleep inducing couch. You were the best Christmas/Birthday/ Anniversary gift. You suck the life out of me, but somehow I don't mind because you do it so nicely.

Now I am going to snuggle on the super comfy couch with hubby while he plays Skyrim. Love lazy nights.

Monday, November 7, 2011

So, Lately I think I have been acting a bit sour, so I have decided to do the Thankful Challenge (not sure the real name, but that is what I call it) I am going to post every day, or every couple of days, and say what I am thankful for. Hoping this will get me ready for that Christmas Spirit. I am a little late, (yeah, yeah, I do things my own way haha) so I will start off with a list to get me caught up of the 8 things I am most Thankful for this year. Then the rest will be daily choices inspired by the now.

1. My Husband - He is truly my best friend. He is one of "The Good Ones" as my Mom would say. Caring, Thoughtful, A Hard Worker, Motivational, Creative, Romantic, Funny, and WONDERFUL! I would say he does too much for me and he replies that he doesn't do enough. He is My Heart.

2. My Family - I sincerely think I have one of the best families in the World.
My Mother is my role model. The woman who taught me what it was to be a Lady; a feisty, adventurous, independent, caring lady. She is my Hero. I honestly know no better woman than her. My Father, the strong silent type. Strong and yet so funny. No tears ever ran too long for he could make me smile with a few words. He showed me what a hard work was and how to be my best.
My Sister is a combination of Julia Childs, Julie Andrews, Martha Stewart, and Mother Theresa. She is so talented in life. She inspires me to creative. adventurous, and daring. And is all the above isn't enough, she is also a great wife and mom.
My Brother, shy, happy, imaginative, easy-going, and caring. Always my friend, always willing to be there for me. He has grown to be a strong man and now, a great father. Even when I jumped up and down on one of his favorite toys, he still forgave me. He is my Big Brother.

3. My Friends - Be they near or far, they are all amazing and help get me through the bad times and join me in celebrating the good. I can be my big, nerdy self with them and they still love and encourage me. I love how individual they all are. They love me even though I only call once a year. They help me even when I am cranky, bitchy, and impossible. They laugh with me, even if I am a mess. Be it through Real Life, Facebook, Blogger, Text, Phone, or more, they are honest, caring, fun, crafty, silly, geeky, nerdy, amazing, amazing people.

okay now the less mushy ones...

4. David Bowie - Yes he is an amazing artist and who can resist Jareth from Labyrinth, but I am talking about my sweet, sweet girl, my pooch Mrs. David Bowie, or Bow Bow to us. She is my wonderful and curious child. She has such a great personality. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. One of the best things I ever did was bring her home from the pound. I watch her right now, ripping into her toy lobster and smile. Who couldn't love that face.

5. Creativity - I love being able to express myself in so many ways. I am not the best at what I do, but I don't care. Just the ability to be imaginative makes my day. Be it writing, photography, crafting, painting, or more. I love that I can make something that makes me happy.

6. Costuming - (speaking of crafting) Costuming has brought many pains but so much more is fun. What I once thought of as just for Halloween and special occasion has turned into so much more. When I first was introduced to the idea of joining the costume community, I thought it would be silly and was honestly a little embarrassed. But once I stood in front of a group of children and saw their faces, I was hooked. I get to be a hero, a super star, a Victorian, and anything else my mind can dream up.

7. My new home - Paul and I purchased our first home this year and are so excited to be delving into a new adventure. Though at times I am pulling my hair out, it is still so unbelievably fun. The excitement of it being ours outweighs the fears of it not being up to my expectations. And who hates having a pool (even with all the crummy upkeep)

---So, I already feel better and happier, let's se if I can keep up the positive spirits!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Paul and I were watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" this morning. One of our favorites! (The 1971 version of course, can't stand the new one... Sorry Johnny) We were inspired, and while he began crafting a Little Big Planet World based on the movie, I worked on this. But no worries, I did help him by giving out my wonderful and creative advice. Not sure he listened though haha.

Oasis sleeveless dress
$60 -

Precis Petite chocolate brown cardigan
£35 -

Monsoon yellow tight
£6 -

Vince Camuto brown high heels
$113 -


Bow necklace
$20 -

Just Cavalli browning hat
€150 -

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nailed it

Had a great today, out with my Bestie. Went to Angel Touch Nails on Dysart for a relaxing pedicure. Found a burnt Orange polish which I love (Chop-sticking To My Story), and after a recommendation from T, I had them do the tips black. Very Halloween. I normally only enjoy the massage chair and the foot scrub and soak, but today we also had great service. Good conversation was had and I will definately be going back. Ask for Lam, he is fabulous.

Went to Tailgators afterwards and got T started are her Punch Beer Card. Only 45 more glasses to go haha. Her daughter was such a riot, dancing and making faces. The C monster cracks me up.

I am back home and it is time to get painting. Soon I will post picks of the house's progress.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Missoni @ Target

So, if you are out of the loop, Missoni is coming to Target! Who or what is Missoni you say? Well... They have been around since the 1950's; an Italian based Fashion Family, they are most known for knits, prints, and their use of natural materials. They were all the rage in the 70's but have been making a huge comebackin the past decade, especially with Target as a new partner!
I am loving the swirls, zigzags, and florals. I like the leggings, the shorts, the trenches, it is all too perfect for this fall and winter. I think may favorite is the winter knit caps and socks. But not to leave anyone out they will also have boots and umbrellas. Not to mention the home decor!!
It will release September 13th. I now I won't be wearing everything together, but I am excited to wear the tights with a solid dress, or the rainboots with my riding pants. And the hats will be Fetch!

What is your favorite Missoni gear?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Fantasy Life

So I have never been a been fan of watching sports on the television. I played in highschool and I enjoy kicking around a soccer ball, playing paintball, or watching championship games, but sitting and watching an actual season of professional sports, no way. This year, however, my husband and I decided it would be fun to pick a team and follow their season. We chose the Chicago Bears (his favorite since his childhood years). To make it fun for me, I purchased a new outfit. I am now the owner of a cute Bears shirt, some Orange, White, and Blue knee high socks, and donned my lucky clover earrings. Cute new clothes, yay! And so far, so good!
We won our first game, and lost our second, but thats okay. I like to cheer for the guys, some of who's names I am already learning, Culter, Moore, and Barber to name a few.
Go Bears

We also took the leap and are playing in a Fantasy Football League, which I blame upon "The League" an FX comedy that has grown on me this past year, because of the humor. Paul convinced his fellow firefighters to join up, throw in some money, and start the draft going tomorrow. So what did I do tonight? I poured over Fantasy Top 200 lists, mock drafts, injury lists, and read the ins and outs of fantasy footballing. I know that Darren McFadden is a great prospect, but a recent injury has him looking risky as a draft pick. So, now I have Paul armed with a list of our, or my, top 24 choices for Running Back, and Wide Receiver; top 18 for Quarter Back, Tight End, and top 15 for Kicker. We are going for the Bears defense, of course, but I am prepared with 7 more options, just in case. I have now become a total Fantasy Football Nerd. OMG! What is the world coming too???
I have kept a bit of myself however, because if I personally don't like what the player is like in the real world (Michael Vick, No Bueno!) then no matter how good of a player they are, they are not in my draft pick! I looked for new, fresh faces, and inspiring individuals. So as of right now I am pumped and having a great time with Paul. So right now, I look cute, have an excuse to drink my Woodchuck, and am learning something new. If you need something to do to hang with your husband, try it out! I mean, at least you get to look at some cute guys too ^^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yay for Art and its Inspiration

I have been very lucky lately to have either been gifted or purchased some really cool art. I am very excited and they are all going up in the crafting room in the new house!

Phoenix - Oliver Nome (print)
Wonder Woman - Michael G Macropoulos (pencil)
Ares and Valkyrie - Meredith Mcclaren (pencil and ink)
Captain America - Tony Parker (pencil and ink)
Black Widow - Madame M (pencil and water color)
A huge and awe-inspiring thanks to all the artists! What you do is amazing! I will post more later! I have already packed quite a few.
In the new house there is a room which should probably be an office (medium sized room, but with no door) and we have decided to make it into a craft room. My color scheme as of now is black, espresso, and white. Debating Burnt Orange or Red for accent color... I am planning on ripping up the carpet and putting in wood or tile flooring. I am still debateing if tile will clean up better than wood. I would have been set on the wood, but we do paint alot and I worry that it will be hard to get off the wood flooring. I also might just purchase a cheapishly nice rug to roll out for messy projects.

I am looking at these Reference pics for ideas, and am buying 4 inch black pipes to hang on the wall for the styrene and wonder-flex we use. I am trying to be very organized, because right now we have a table of mess in the kitchen. I am ordering black display heads for my wigs and his cowls and masks, so they can be out and about. Building a crafting trunk for Paul for outside, will be on my priority list. It will definately be including a tarp or rug so we don't get spray paint and resin everywhere (again haha).
I am just wanting a cozy, clean space where we are surrounded by things we love and things that inspire.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Diego Sadness

San Diego Comic Con 2011 has wrapped up and it was a good time, but many aspects were a disappointment for me. Comic cons are for fans; a time when nerds all over the world can get together and oogle all things geeky, i.e. comic books, figurines, video games, art, anime, fantastical items, super hero or fantasy themed movies and tv shows. This year, however, I felt like half of the people walking around the event probably didn't even know who Stan Lee is. I was also let down by the fact that only about 10% of the attendees were in costume, and a majority of those were Bikini Babes.
I miss all the nerds! I want guys who know I am Wonder Woman... not "Miss America". Just because I am not one of "those " girls. I mean of course everyone knows who slave Leia is.

If you didn't know it, there are different types of costumers out there. I would say 5 types, roughly.

There are:

the True Costumers - out for detail, authenticity, and originality. Their goal is to make quality costumes either based off a character or a creative rendition. They pride themselves in a job well done and love being told that their costume is "the best one they have ever seen" or asked "did you buy that or make it yourself"

the True Fan- doing it because they love a character. Their goal is not quality but quantity. The more they can have the beloved hero/anime/cartoon, the better. They will buy a costume, make one, draw it on paper and cut it out and wear it. It does not matter as long as they have it. Their excitement and love spill over and cause either happiness or uncomfortability to all. They love to hear, "Oh my god, I love (said character)"

the Imitator Costumer - It might sound bad, but its not (all the time). We were all there at one time. They have seen the joy of costuming and want to join in on the fun. They are new and inexperienced and have lots to learn, however. They wear a Halloween costume at first, most of the time, and then slowly purchase or make more detailed parts. They will either elevate themselves to True Costumer or accept defeat and stick with Halloween costumes or quit altogether. They are happy just to get their photo taken.

the Jokester- these people dress up just to be funny. They often think costuming is silly or they want to be costumers but don't have the guts to try. They wear silly, made up costumes that while often can be similar to the Fan or the Imitator, stand out because they are doing such an absurd job it is obvious they are ridiculing those who make any effort. They are out for the laughs.

the Bikini Babe - or as I like to call them, the Attention Whores. Their goal is to choose a character and then make a costume to resemble said character using as little clothing as possible. Not always, but these are often booth babes, slave Leias, Ironettes, etc. You can easily spot them because they are often surrounded by middle aged men, their boobies or rear end are often hanging out, and if quesitoned, they possibly don't even know the real name of the character they are portraying. They love hearing about how sexy they are, don't mind being ogled and can't wait to see their pictures online in "Hot Girls of Con" galleries.

I dont' like it when anyone makes fun of costumers. Myself included. I think anyone who puts out the effort is awesome and if you are spreading the love of nerdiness - kudos. I don't wish ill on these costumers (well maybe the Bikini Babes, most of them don't even make their own costumes. And the jokesters that are mean) I just want to remind people that there are those out there who try and work very hard at what they do, some who just love what they do, and many big, geeky, nerdy fans. Please show some love.

Also, if you go to Con, go because you love it and not because its cool or you might see a celebrity.

Okay... stepping off the soap box...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Night

So, I am hanging out with David Bowie, eating Volun-Tiramasu, drinking coffee, and playing some video games. Good Sunday Night.
Love me some Dragon Age and Little Big Planet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cleaning never smelled so good.

I use many method products, but I have found my new favorite! I love it!

It is Method All-Purpose Pink Grapefruit Cleaner.

I have been using it in my kitchen and the scent is wonderful. Reminds me of my childhood home where the entrance had a large trellis of mountain roses. Makes me smile everytime I smell it, where as most cleaners give me a bit of a headache.
I now use it everywhere I can, living room, bedroom, bathroom...

Roses, ah.

It is good for the environment, as in it is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic (yay!). Method is very eco savy. If you want the entire list of ingrediants, click here.

Also, "Pink Grapefruit" in French is, "Pamplemousse Rose". I like that, it is fun to say!

So, thumbs up! Try it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Morphin Time

I watched Power Rangers on TV as a teen. When I got out of school, I would come home, hop up on the bed, turn on the tele, and practice kip ups while creating my own Ranger, the Green Ranger, and envisioning my own story plots. She was paired with the Brontosaurus, and was a hippie, tree-hugging, circus acrobat. As most of you Ranger fans know, a few episodes later, they introduced Tommy, the Green Ranger (not as good as mine, but he was okay) thus, I created the Purple Ranger in my head haha. I always had to have my own. My Rangerlost her powers to Tommy, but was gifted new "magical" ones and was paired with the Phoenix; I know, it's not a dinosaur but it was cooler. Later after the movie release, it was time for a revamp so I became the Prismatic Ranger... cool huh...
Well, long story short, me and my active imagination had alot of good times and thus, now, even though I am a bit older, my mind wonders down memory lane and I find myself watching Power Rangers on Netflix and having a really good laugh. So, as I lay here, rehabing from oral surgery, I decided to create my own Ranger Team. An all girl team of hipster, eco, fashionistas that save the world.

Green Ranger

Green Ranger by Aria_belle featuring cuffed shorts

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger by Aria_belle featuring a pink tee

Purple Ranger

Purple Ranger by Aria_belle featuring star shoes

Black Ranger

Black Ranger by Aria_belle featuring low heels

Red Ranger

Red Ranger by Aria_belle featuring patent leather high heels

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger by Aria_belle featuring metal necklaces

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger by Aria_belle featuring beaded jewelry

White Ranger

White Ranger by Aria_belle featuring leather boots


Well, I hope you enjoyed! Check out more of my stuff on Polyvore!!!!