Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am working on 4 costumes. Three of which I hope to have complete by the last weekend in May.
Crazy, yeah, I know. Not to worry, though, I do have some of them already in the works, so they just need parts. The first, top left, is X-23. This costume is for the X Force group I will be joining. We already have a Wolverine, Domino, and Deadpool. My husband is trying to complete "Death" Angel by them, but if not he has Fantomex as a back up. I really, have none of this complete. Sewing the pants and top myself, making the mask out of foam with red lenses, and working on the belt. I do have the boots (maybe), the claws, and the wig (maybe). So yeah, lots to do.
The second costume, upper right, is Delerium, from the Sandman Comic. She will be joining my friends, Jackie and Garrick's, Death and Dream. I also have to sew Paul's Destiny cloak. For her I pretty much have everything except a tutu and I am working on the wig.
Third is Victoria Hand, lower left. Not well known, she is my pairing for Paul's Iron Patriot. The "Pepper Potts" of Norman Osborn. I have the suit, so all I need is the gun and wig which should be easy, just sewing in a redish pink streak. So, 75% done.
And last, but not least, and on the back burner for now, is Storm Shadow. I am doing a female version. I wanted it for PCC, but highly unlikely.

So this is what I am doing, on everyday off and at night when I get home. I feel like I am eating, sleeping, breathing costuming. I will definately need a vacation in July^^  So, if I don't seem "around" you know what I am doing haha