Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Diego Sadness

San Diego Comic Con 2011 has wrapped up and it was a good time, but many aspects were a disappointment for me. Comic cons are for fans; a time when nerds all over the world can get together and oogle all things geeky, i.e. comic books, figurines, video games, art, anime, fantastical items, super hero or fantasy themed movies and tv shows. This year, however, I felt like half of the people walking around the event probably didn't even know who Stan Lee is. I was also let down by the fact that only about 10% of the attendees were in costume, and a majority of those were Bikini Babes.
I miss all the nerds! I want guys who know I am Wonder Woman... not "Miss America". Just because I am not one of "those " girls. I mean of course everyone knows who slave Leia is.

If you didn't know it, there are different types of costumers out there. I would say 5 types, roughly.

There are:

the True Costumers - out for detail, authenticity, and originality. Their goal is to make quality costumes either based off a character or a creative rendition. They pride themselves in a job well done and love being told that their costume is "the best one they have ever seen" or asked "did you buy that or make it yourself"

the True Fan- doing it because they love a character. Their goal is not quality but quantity. The more they can have the beloved hero/anime/cartoon, the better. They will buy a costume, make one, draw it on paper and cut it out and wear it. It does not matter as long as they have it. Their excitement and love spill over and cause either happiness or uncomfortability to all. They love to hear, "Oh my god, I love (said character)"

the Imitator Costumer - It might sound bad, but its not (all the time). We were all there at one time. They have seen the joy of costuming and want to join in on the fun. They are new and inexperienced and have lots to learn, however. They wear a Halloween costume at first, most of the time, and then slowly purchase or make more detailed parts. They will either elevate themselves to True Costumer or accept defeat and stick with Halloween costumes or quit altogether. They are happy just to get their photo taken.

the Jokester- these people dress up just to be funny. They often think costuming is silly or they want to be costumers but don't have the guts to try. They wear silly, made up costumes that while often can be similar to the Fan or the Imitator, stand out because they are doing such an absurd job it is obvious they are ridiculing those who make any effort. They are out for the laughs.

the Bikini Babe - or as I like to call them, the Attention Whores. Their goal is to choose a character and then make a costume to resemble said character using as little clothing as possible. Not always, but these are often booth babes, slave Leias, Ironettes, etc. You can easily spot them because they are often surrounded by middle aged men, their boobies or rear end are often hanging out, and if quesitoned, they possibly don't even know the real name of the character they are portraying. They love hearing about how sexy they are, don't mind being ogled and can't wait to see their pictures online in "Hot Girls of Con" galleries.

I dont' like it when anyone makes fun of costumers. Myself included. I think anyone who puts out the effort is awesome and if you are spreading the love of nerdiness - kudos. I don't wish ill on these costumers (well maybe the Bikini Babes, most of them don't even make their own costumes. And the jokesters that are mean) I just want to remind people that there are those out there who try and work very hard at what they do, some who just love what they do, and many big, geeky, nerdy fans. Please show some love.

Also, if you go to Con, go because you love it and not because its cool or you might see a celebrity.

Okay... stepping off the soap box...