Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Hero and Aurora Rise Charity

Project Hero

Come and check us out!
Our very own Project Hero will be holding a raffle in this charity event's honor in September at Samurai Comics to give even more support for the people affected by this tragedy.

Aurora Rise raffle items

Updated September 19, 2012
These are the items that we will be raffling off for the Aurora Rise event at Samurai Comics on September 22nd. You can participate in the raffle online as well and do not have to live in Az to win. We will be holding most of the raffle online through Project Hero's paypal ( ( tickets are $5 a piece. If you donate more in increments of 5, we will add your name that many times to the drawing (i.e. you send us 10 dollars we will submit two tickets for you) You just need to send your raffle donation amount, full name and phone number in the notes section of paypal, and answer your phone on September 22nd at 1:30pm pst.We will be calling winners who are not present. If you do not answer when we call you have a day to get back to us or we will pick a new winner.We will ship the prizes out to all out of state winners. A week before the event the items will be on display at Samurai Comics on Camelback.All of the proceeds of this raffle go towards The Brandon Axelrod fund: of the victims Aurora Rise is trying to raise money for. Email us if you have any questions!!

Raffle tiems:!/media/set/?set=a.438551826188015.93522296.410851965624668&type=1

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1 Room Down

Here are pics. I super cleaned, Ppayed good music, and thought happy thoughts while getting the room done. The blue in the picture came out light, it is a bit darker like the paint card. I love the color names - Autumn Moon and Sensual Jade. It is very warm now and I have some of my favorite things on the book shelves. All I lack to wrap the room up is a couple of shelves for my Harry Potter books, the  muslin canopy for the corner (somewhere packed away) and I want to make my own paint easel for by the window:)

Next room that I will begin this week is the office(Paul's room). Luckily it is already painted, I just have to do touch ups in a few spots and clean out the closet which holds all ofour games and fun stuff, and reorganize the file cabinet. Now that we have our Group Project Hero is official and recognized by the State of Arizona, we need to be organized with our receipt keeping (I don't think an envelopewill cut it), so I am getting that organized. I also still have a few more comics to organize. I have already used up all my label tape though, so must get a refill!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I can not wait for fall. I miss pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cream cheese on my cinnamon bagels. I did already find pumpkin coffee via Dunkin' Donuts and Sam Adams Octoberfest, so those are holding me off, for now.

I am Fall Cleaning, a room or two a week. I start with my spare bedroom, which is my inspiration room, it needs work, not too inspiring right now haha. Any ideas, let me know.