Monday, April 29, 2013

How I did it... Venture style

I have been meaning to post my Molotov Costume construction for a while... since Halloween....

 So, once I decided to do Molotov, my first priority was making sure that I had a good black body suit and that all my accessories matched. So, I ordered the lightest color of boots, gloves and pleather that I could find, then ordered a couple bottles of the same color leather acrylic paint (Angelus) this way all my accessories would match.

I ordered a body suit, which I planned to gut, unfortunately eight weeks later a certain company (rhymes with pentai pentai) still hadn’t shipped the suit, so I ended up purchasing some lycra fabric and sewing it myself using an old body suit as a pattern. Everything turned out great, but once gutted the problem ended up being keeping the sensitive areas covered and contained. I ended up stitching in a deep V bra and utilizing lots and lots of toupee tape. I always recommend a dry run of your costume at home so that the big day you don’t end up showing everyone your business.

After enjoyable researching the cartoon I found online some broom handle mouser pistols and heat formed the holsters our of red painted thick floor and thin foam, then made the straps from a combination of pleather and leather with lots of hot glue and some sewing. My wonderful husband made my sword from a Snake Eyes Halloween katana, and a Styrofoam skeleton head found at a dollar store. The foam was hardened and painted with a mixture of pearl and bone.
bbb-1-.jpgbbb-6-.jpgThe wig was pretty easy, just sheared off the bangs for the nice left eye swoop.

I cut a paper pattern and used it to cut out a thin foam heart then heat molded it to my eye socket. Once complete, I plasti-dipped it several times till I got the leather look, then sewed on a black stretch strap. It unfortunately broke a couple times during the night, which was saved by hairpins and tape. Make sure you keep a little slack in your straps.

This was my Molotov build in a nutshell, roughly fifteen hours of work.
For pics of the final product, check out my facebook Costumed Fun Album

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cobra for the Win

Last Saturday was the Project Hero fundraising event for the Wounded Warrior Project and it turned out wonderfully. The event was hosted by Hero Comics and we are so thankful to Todd and the crew for aiding in the planning and execution. We raffled off items that were donated by Hero Comics, Jamie Tyndall, The Morgan Family, and Project Hero. We also took donations and had some amazing artists donate the proceeds from their sketches. A huge shout out and thanks to our special guest artists Mike Macropoulos, Justin Miller, Ben Glendenning, Al Sparrow, and Jason Worthington.

We spent quite a bit of time on the road waving at the local patrons. No accidents were caused and that was positive although I will say that Shipwreck had many the older ladies remembering back to the good old days when the ships would anchor and girls would line up on the docks waiting to be kissed by their favorite sailors.

Here is artist Ben Glendenning with the group. He gets a double shout out for also donating
some great sketch cards that are currently posted on ebay. BID!! All proceeds from the winning bids go directly to The Wounded Warrior Project. Please go and check them out:
 Cobra Commander, Lady Jay, Joe, Roadblock
They are wonderful buys plus your generous donation to WWP helps thousands of Wounded Warriors, and their families, as they return home from the current conflicts.

After the event at Hero Comics, special guests attended a complimentary viewing of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I unfortunately could not attend due to work, but from what I heard, it was a thumbs up.

I am really proud of my group and how hard everyone who attended worked. We also had some other costumers come out to support as well. Thank you to the Phoenix Joe Group. This was a great event and a great costume run. For more information on Project Hero, you can also check out our Facebook page.

Also if you are interested in making a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, click here for a direct link to their donation site.
Thanks again! Hope everyone is having a great week!