Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Night

So I went over to my friend Vince's house for dinner last night and we ate good food, drank wine, and just talked. We spoke of the past, plans for the future, and bitched about old and new friends. It is nice to have that quite, fun peace.

Movies and Comics were on our mind as well as friends and foes. The tortellini was great. Vince cooked it up with this great sauce and I must say to Jack that the green ones are just as good, if not better, than the plain. You must try them!

It was a night to remember that talking can solve alot of problems.
Thank you Paul and Vince (and Rosie and Chloe) for a great evening.


  1. It's true, talking does solve a lot of problems. Sometimes just getting things off your chest can relieve so much stress & then you're free to move on from thinking about it.

  2. We have a friend going through some problems and it was very therapeutic. For us to, we bitched about things haha