Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nailed it

Had a great today, out with my Bestie. Went to Angel Touch Nails on Dysart for a relaxing pedicure. Found a burnt Orange polish which I love (Chop-sticking To My Story), and after a recommendation from T, I had them do the tips black. Very Halloween. I normally only enjoy the massage chair and the foot scrub and soak, but today we also had great service. Good conversation was had and I will definately be going back. Ask for Lam, he is fabulous.

Went to Tailgators afterwards and got T started are her Punch Beer Card. Only 45 more glasses to go haha. Her daughter was such a riot, dancing and making faces. The C monster cracks me up.

I am back home and it is time to get painting. Soon I will post picks of the house's progress.

1 comment:

  1. omgoshhhhhh! i was like super happy when i read this!!! your are the bestest bestie ever!!! i had so much fun with u and i know caity did to yep only well i got a lote more to catch up to with u guys lol love uuu <3