Monday, November 21, 2011

So, I am horrible at keeping up with blogs. I could never be one of the lads or lasses who do this regularly. I luckily have a small fan base so I do not have to worry about disappointing the masses.

I will say that for last week, I am thankful for my local comic book shop. They are always there for me when I need them. Makeing a so-so day wonderful by filling it full of action-packed adventure. Todd and team, you are superific! Go Hero Comics!
I am thankful for comfy pajamas, you get me through the toughest nights. You comfort and care for me and leave me all snuggly warm. Hugs to all the pajamas out there.

I am thankful for Woodchuck Cider. How yummy and happy you make me; pairing so nicely with pizza, chicken, and more. My hand would fill so empty playing video games and hanging out talking without you in it.

My super comfy sleep inducing couch. You were the best Christmas/Birthday/ Anniversary gift. You suck the life out of me, but somehow I don't mind because you do it so nicely.

Now I am going to snuggle on the super comfy couch with hubby while he plays Skyrim. Love lazy nights.


  1. I too, am thankful for woodchuck cider. I've been buying it by the truckful and trying new flavors. My new favs are raspberry and the winter one...

  2. I haven't tried the winter. I liked pumpkin, but was unsure how I felt about Autumn. Leaning towards, didn't like, haha. Will head to Total Wine this week and look for Winter! Oh Yeah!