Sunday, November 25, 2012

Orange you glad its a New Week

Last week was one long week and I have been so ready to get it over with it! With all the Black Friday and Saturday prepping and stressing, my levels of exhaustion have increased. I ended the week on a good note with Pauls' Toga Birthday, which was a blast, but the fun had a cost of no sleep and today a migraine has been keeping the much wanted relaxation away. I am currently sitting in a dark room, with my sunglasses on a head pad on my neck. I am giving myself until 8pm and then I will be taking an Excerdin PM.

Alrighty, bitchfest is over!
I watched Brave again today, yay!

Really makes me want to make this costume. I am going to have to hit up my friend Jackie who actually really wants to make this wig. I was thinking I could buy 1 red wig and then about 100 different wefts haha and we can have a wine night and sew them all in :)
I just love all that motion it has and the differing textures.
My love of Cuties clementine oranges hit an all time high these past couple of days. Perhaps they cause migraines. I have actually eaten 12 in the past 24 hours haha! So lots of Vitamin C :)
I did start wonder though how healthy these little delicious balls of yumminess are... well...

One clementine contains 34 calories. They are quite low in fat as well, with 0.1 g of fat per fruit.

I was also excited to learn that clementines deliver 4 percent of the daily value for potassium. Along with the electrolyte boost you get from the potassium, you'll also get 2 percent of the daily value for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper, as well as a very small amount of iron. The nutrients in clementines make this fruit good for bone health, iron metabolism and energy storage.

So where as I don't think it is always great to eat that many, it will give my immune system a  nice boost.
Well, speaking of all this deliciousness is making me hungry, so I think I will be going to eat some food with my Excederin.


  1. You were definitely in my thoughts on Black Friday - I hoped that they weren't going to work you too hard! Sorry they did - hope you feel better soon. :(

    I love Cuties too! My only complaint is they smallest you can get them in is like, the 3 lb. bag. It's just too much for me to finish by myself!

    Glad Paul had a good birthday. I miss you guys!

  2. Miss you too Sarah!! and if you ate 10 a day like me, they would go fast haha, if not you can make a facial astringent
    Orange Facial Astringent

    Get all the benefits of the natural citric acid astringent found in oranges.

    •1 orange
    •1 cup of mineral water
    •Cotton balls


    Squeeze a few drops of juice from a fresh orange into one cup of mineral water. After washing your face, saturate a cotton ball with the orange astringent and smooth over face and neck.