Monday, April 29, 2013

How I did it... Venture style

I have been meaning to post my Molotov Costume construction for a while... since Halloween....

 So, once I decided to do Molotov, my first priority was making sure that I had a good black body suit and that all my accessories matched. So, I ordered the lightest color of boots, gloves and pleather that I could find, then ordered a couple bottles of the same color leather acrylic paint (Angelus) this way all my accessories would match.

I ordered a body suit, which I planned to gut, unfortunately eight weeks later a certain company (rhymes with pentai pentai) still hadn’t shipped the suit, so I ended up purchasing some lycra fabric and sewing it myself using an old body suit as a pattern. Everything turned out great, but once gutted the problem ended up being keeping the sensitive areas covered and contained. I ended up stitching in a deep V bra and utilizing lots and lots of toupee tape. I always recommend a dry run of your costume at home so that the big day you don’t end up showing everyone your business.

After enjoyable researching the cartoon I found online some broom handle mouser pistols and heat formed the holsters our of red painted thick floor and thin foam, then made the straps from a combination of pleather and leather with lots of hot glue and some sewing. My wonderful husband made my sword from a Snake Eyes Halloween katana, and a Styrofoam skeleton head found at a dollar store. The foam was hardened and painted with a mixture of pearl and bone.
bbb-1-.jpgbbb-6-.jpgThe wig was pretty easy, just sheared off the bangs for the nice left eye swoop.

I cut a paper pattern and used it to cut out a thin foam heart then heat molded it to my eye socket. Once complete, I plasti-dipped it several times till I got the leather look, then sewed on a black stretch strap. It unfortunately broke a couple times during the night, which was saved by hairpins and tape. Make sure you keep a little slack in your straps.

This was my Molotov build in a nutshell, roughly fifteen hours of work.
For pics of the final product, check out my facebook Costumed Fun Album

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