Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Distraction leads to Suburbia

Untitled #1303

Untitled #1303 by dear-scone featuring a travel kit

Cute set from Polyvore. I really am digging the top.  It makes me ready to spring into summer lol. Yes, that is me, very lame.  I have been watching lots of netflix today. Quite a few Romance movies were getting me in the mood to be joyful and light, so while I was creating a collection on polyvore, I was distracted by my wonderful dog David Bowie and felt the need to go outside and play. This outdoors playfulness then cause me to spend a bit too long outside and upon coming back in, I found that my laptop's battery had died and upon logging back in realized my hard work of tediously choosing amazing outfit and accessory combinations had been lost!! Oh no!! So I searched the top I had been looking at and stumbled upon this wonderful compilation and have decided to share this work rather than attempt to recreate my own.

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