Friday, March 1, 2013

Renovation on My Mind

So, this morning I noticed upon stepping out of my shower that I have black mold on my dry wall from a shower leak. It might not be crazy serious black mold, but it is black mold, so no matter, I would like it gone.

If my mold looked like this mold, I actually might keep it, seal it, and frame it... but it doesn't

So, I am nowing thinking renovation haha. I know, this is a huge step from small 3 in. x 3 in patch of mold to ripping out tile, the shower, the tub, and redoing all the fixtures, but in my head I am imagining that mold creeping behind the shower install and having spreaad throughout the bathroom.
I also watch property brothers and other HG shows and tell myself that Paul and I can do this for under $3000.

Here are some of my ideas and inspriations I have been looking at today:
I totally dig this bathtub. If I could find something similar but a lot cheaper, that would be nice.
or... this one

I know Paul loves natural rock so I htink this shower would be amazing if I could get some white and grey rocks mixed in. I also just recently found a love for Pecan wood floors.
 But then again I really like this entire look

 I will have to continue to think, price, and debate... and also have Paul look and see if it is just a quick drywall repair...

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