Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Hero - Heroes for Heroes

So it has been a crafting palooza around here lately.
Project Hero will be hosting an event on Saturday, March 30th at Hero Comics.
We are raiding money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

We will have artists who are donating their time and work, as well as recruitment centers for The Worlds Mightiest Organization - COBRA, oh, and the Joes.
As well as plenty of opportunities to get your photo taken with some of the heroes, as well as some of the joes.

So what have I been working on???

Lots and lots of sewing. I was reminded again how easy it is to sew non spandex material :) however how unfun it is to put in darts. I have also been helping Paul with his costume. I sewed him a wonderful gold scale pant and top. My husband amazes me everyday with his crafting genius. He sculpted, molded, and cast his own snake cowl. It is pretty amazing!
I am very excited to premier these costumes on Saturday.
Storm Shadow and Serpentor on the way.

If you want to come out, please do! We would love the support!
Here is the invite for Heroes for Heroes

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