Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Service A GoGo

I believe every person should have to work retail as a highschool assignment. For one year you should serve food, fold clothes, clean bathrooms, and work at a customer service counter. Why? Because then you might think twice before you leave your clothes on the fitting room floor, understand that the waiter isn't to blame when the cook messes up the order, know that after "trying out" a vaccume for over 6 months it is not the retailer's fault, but the manufacturer, refrain from flushing diapers down the toilet and then run away when it begins to over flow, and ecspecially, especially to not yell at me when I am trying to help you or have to tell you that I can't.

Okay... enough ranting for tonight...


  1. People are the evil of this world

  2. Agreed! I get embarrassed if I go out to eat and someone at the table complains at the waiter...I always think they're going to spit in our food. lol

    Thankfully I haven't known anyone like that in a long time!

  3. Everyday some person feels entitled to yell at me or one of my employees. I don't stand for it. I politely let them know we will do what we can help them, but that I will not allow them to raise their voice. I love it when they yell at me that they aren't yelling ^^
    Eating out the other night this woman began to loudly complain how she thought everything was taking too long. It had been about 15 minutes since the order. I smiled politely at the waitress and made sure and gave her a little extra.

    I just think the rude person would be much happier if they were polite. Maybe make them feel better about themselves.

  4. i feel the same! i always feel bad when the table by me is being mean to a waiter who is doing their best. i give them extra too, b/c i know how it is to be on the other side. sorry people are being mean to you at work, i feel ya there! but with me its my co-workers :(