Sunday, March 20, 2011


Did you see the amazing full moon last night? It was the closest the moon will be to Earth for the year. It is also the last time a full moon will be on the night of the perigee until November 2016. It was beautiful. Paul and I went for a moonlit stroll, admiring it, talking about magic, love, and how amazing and beautiful nature can be. We were feeling its pull :)

I love this dressing! It is Annie's Naturals Organic Gingerly Vinaigrette. I think it is possibly the best store bought dressing I have ever had. I had a salad today with egg, olives, turkey, chicken, and, of course, green and romaine lettuce. DELICIOUS!!!

I have had a few other dressing by Annie's and they are all very good. I recommend completely.
I ate twice as much salad as I wanted because of its addictively nommy flavor.

Today was a very nice and relaxing day. Worked, but it went by fast. Worked out, and it went by fast. Wonder Woman costuming, its going....
Just very happy to a happy, heavenly day!