Sunday, June 19, 2011

Morphin Time

I watched Power Rangers on TV as a teen. When I got out of school, I would come home, hop up on the bed, turn on the tele, and practice kip ups while creating my own Ranger, the Green Ranger, and envisioning my own story plots. She was paired with the Brontosaurus, and was a hippie, tree-hugging, circus acrobat. As most of you Ranger fans know, a few episodes later, they introduced Tommy, the Green Ranger (not as good as mine, but he was okay) thus, I created the Purple Ranger in my head haha. I always had to have my own. My Rangerlost her powers to Tommy, but was gifted new "magical" ones and was paired with the Phoenix; I know, it's not a dinosaur but it was cooler. Later after the movie release, it was time for a revamp so I became the Prismatic Ranger... cool huh...
Well, long story short, me and my active imagination had alot of good times and thus, now, even though I am a bit older, my mind wonders down memory lane and I find myself watching Power Rangers on Netflix and having a really good laugh. So, as I lay here, rehabing from oral surgery, I decided to create my own Ranger Team. An all girl team of hipster, eco, fashionistas that save the world.

Green Ranger

Green Ranger by Aria_belle featuring cuffed shorts

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger by Aria_belle featuring a pink tee

Purple Ranger

Purple Ranger by Aria_belle featuring star shoes

Black Ranger

Black Ranger by Aria_belle featuring low heels

Red Ranger

Red Ranger by Aria_belle featuring patent leather high heels

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger by Aria_belle featuring metal necklaces

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger by Aria_belle featuring beaded jewelry

White Ranger

White Ranger by Aria_belle featuring leather boots


Well, I hope you enjoyed! Check out more of my stuff on Polyvore!!!!



  1. Awesome! This must be Power Ranger weekend b/c I hadn't thought about them in a while until yesterday when I got a Power Ranger flavor sno-cone. lol

    Cool outfits, btw. I would love to watch a revamped show like that!

  2. dude that rocks! which one do I get to be?! i need to cue that up! hope you feel better i wish i had a power ranger sno-cone...

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  4. I want a Power Ranger snow cone :(

    You guys can be any ranger you want! Ooo Oooo create your own ranger outfits!

    I modeled some off of me but others I just had fun with them.
    I made the Green first, so it is probably the most me one, but I like them all!
    White was the hardest for me. I was trying to not put in too much color, but...