Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loss of Wisdom

I had my Wisdom Teeth removed on Friday and am spending my weekend propped up on the couch drinking water and taking pain meds.

I have been spending my laptop time surfing the web, checking out Etsy, Facebooking and creating sets on Polyvore.

Etsy Finds :

The worst part of this is the swollen chipmunk cheeks that I am trying to get to go down with a frozen bag of corn, and the fact that I am, for some reason or another, craving Chicken Fried Steak from Furr's. I think my tummy is just tired of soup, soup and jello.

My goal for the day is to dust teh livingroom and finish the Harry Potter book I am reading and start on my next. Getting closer to release time and I want to have them all read ^^

If you haven't seen the new trailer, here it is! SO EXCITED!!!

Okay, getting tired now... sleep...


  1. poo feel better soon! i fear the day i have to get mine removed...but yay HP! i can't wait to see it! i need to read the last book again! i hope i have time to get my luna costume together, if not i have a back up tshirt...

  2. I had a cute Griffyndor shirt made and am going as a Hogwarts student in civies probably. I felt the I done the actual Hogwarts uniform for the last 3 movies, so I am trying to change it up.