Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cleaning never smelled so good.

I use many method products, but I have found my new favorite! I love it!

It is Method All-Purpose Pink Grapefruit Cleaner.

I have been using it in my kitchen and the scent is wonderful. Reminds me of my childhood home where the entrance had a large trellis of mountain roses. Makes me smile everytime I smell it, where as most cleaners give me a bit of a headache.
I now use it everywhere I can, living room, bedroom, bathroom...

Roses, ah.

It is good for the environment, as in it is biodegradable so you can clean your home without flushing super-toxic chemicals down the drain. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic (yay!). Method is very eco savy. If you want the entire list of ingrediants, click here.

Also, "Pink Grapefruit" in French is, "Pamplemousse Rose". I like that, it is fun to say!

So, thumbs up! Try it!


  1. that is fun to say! i've been using lots of mrs meyers cleaning products, but i'll keep this one in mind for next time