Monday, August 22, 2011

The Fantasy Life

So I have never been a been fan of watching sports on the television. I played in highschool and I enjoy kicking around a soccer ball, playing paintball, or watching championship games, but sitting and watching an actual season of professional sports, no way. This year, however, my husband and I decided it would be fun to pick a team and follow their season. We chose the Chicago Bears (his favorite since his childhood years). To make it fun for me, I purchased a new outfit. I am now the owner of a cute Bears shirt, some Orange, White, and Blue knee high socks, and donned my lucky clover earrings. Cute new clothes, yay! And so far, so good!
We won our first game, and lost our second, but thats okay. I like to cheer for the guys, some of who's names I am already learning, Culter, Moore, and Barber to name a few.
Go Bears

We also took the leap and are playing in a Fantasy Football League, which I blame upon "The League" an FX comedy that has grown on me this past year, because of the humor. Paul convinced his fellow firefighters to join up, throw in some money, and start the draft going tomorrow. So what did I do tonight? I poured over Fantasy Top 200 lists, mock drafts, injury lists, and read the ins and outs of fantasy footballing. I know that Darren McFadden is a great prospect, but a recent injury has him looking risky as a draft pick. So, now I have Paul armed with a list of our, or my, top 24 choices for Running Back, and Wide Receiver; top 18 for Quarter Back, Tight End, and top 15 for Kicker. We are going for the Bears defense, of course, but I am prepared with 7 more options, just in case. I have now become a total Fantasy Football Nerd. OMG! What is the world coming too???
I have kept a bit of myself however, because if I personally don't like what the player is like in the real world (Michael Vick, No Bueno!) then no matter how good of a player they are, they are not in my draft pick! I looked for new, fresh faces, and inspiring individuals. So as of right now I am pumped and having a great time with Paul. So right now, I look cute, have an excuse to drink my Woodchuck, and am learning something new. If you need something to do to hang with your husband, try it out! I mean, at least you get to look at some cute guys too ^^


  1. How adorable Now i don't want to say i want to copy the whole outfit Idea but with the cowboys since that is cody's team, But wouldn't it be a great idea to lets say wear our cute outfits at one couples house on a sunday, just go all out in the gear! Also leaning towards reasons to get together and drink our favorite beers! too cute! I was trying to get into picking out players with cody but he was being a meanie =( so i couldn't participate in the fun. i'll be left out of loop its all good lol

  2. ohs no! and yes, you need to get an outfit, My Target has some cute Cowboys gear, which I stare down everday. Pesky Cowboys... Grrrr... but I still love you. You can also check out Ladyfanatics online, or look for Alyssa Milano clothes, she has some nive sports outfits for the ladies. We can get little cheer outfits for the girls! I think it is great to get involved. Just study up on your own and then next game youcan show Cody how cool you are with all the Cowboy facts!

  3. Right! Well we talked it over and i Told him how serious i was and how i wanted to get involved so he showed me the players he picked which i think this is going to be lots of fun! :D Im going to have to check out your target and i did browse through ladyfanatics they had some cute clothes i really liked. I think that would be totally cool if we did that! Lets Kick Some Butt! <3ya!