Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yay for Art and its Inspiration

I have been very lucky lately to have either been gifted or purchased some really cool art. I am very excited and they are all going up in the crafting room in the new house!

Phoenix - Oliver Nome (print)
Wonder Woman - Michael G Macropoulos (pencil)
Ares and Valkyrie - Meredith Mcclaren (pencil and ink)
Captain America - Tony Parker (pencil and ink)
Black Widow - Madame M (pencil and water color)
A huge and awe-inspiring thanks to all the artists! What you do is amazing! I will post more later! I have already packed quite a few.
In the new house there is a room which should probably be an office (medium sized room, but with no door) and we have decided to make it into a craft room. My color scheme as of now is black, espresso, and white. Debating Burnt Orange or Red for accent color... I am planning on ripping up the carpet and putting in wood or tile flooring. I am still debateing if tile will clean up better than wood. I would have been set on the wood, but we do paint alot and I worry that it will be hard to get off the wood flooring. I also might just purchase a cheapishly nice rug to roll out for messy projects.

I am looking at these Reference pics for ideas, and am buying 4 inch black pipes to hang on the wall for the styrene and wonder-flex we use. I am trying to be very organized, because right now we have a table of mess in the kitchen. I am ordering black display heads for my wigs and his cowls and masks, so they can be out and about. Building a crafting trunk for Paul for outside, will be on my priority list. It will definately be including a tarp or rug so we don't get spray paint and resin everywhere (again haha).
I am just wanting a cozy, clean space where we are surrounded by things we love and things that inspire.

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