Wednesday, October 23, 2013

30 in 30 Week Three

Another week down and one more to go. My favorite day of the week was Saturday, I had a great time at the Best Halloween Party Ever!

Day 16
Continued from last post...

So the shellac turned out good, and I learned that a dog won't get sick if she eats a shellacked waffle, because that is what happened. I left it out to dry and the next thing I know its gone...
So on my second try, I put it up high. It took about 10 coats, 1 every half hour. I hope it doesn't mold a week or two from now.
But didn't Toast Princess come out so cute. I love her :)

Day 17
Tried new food

Decided to try this organic yogurt. I have been wanting to, a few girls at work tell me how good it is, but the sugar content is a bit high. It was delicious. Not as much like a yogurt as like cream cheese whipped with strawberry and rhubarb. I wish I hadn't liked it because I know I walk by it and want to get it. It will be my splurge at work once a month.

Day 18
New Comics!!

Went to Hero Comics and picked up our comics, woot. Was excited for the new Guardians of the Galaxy. Not sure how I am feeling about the introduction of Angela but we will wait it out. I really like Gamora and am itching to Cosplay her, but I have never been one for body paint and she is all green.

Day 19 
Halloween Party Time!!

Much fun was had. Tried a few new drinks. Wore my new costume, Breakfast Princess, took lots of pics in a photo booth. The only downer of the evening was a lost my glove. So now I am in search of a new set. Dark Yellow or Mustard Yellow, if you seen them, let me know, they were my favorite's!!
Our theme was Adventure Time. We had Garrick as Finn, Paul is Susan Strong (eating Peppermint Butler), I am Breakfast Princess wielding Toast Princess, to my left is Shannon as Princess Bubblegum and last but not least is the beautiful Jackie as Marcelline.

Day 20

So after staying up until the wee hours of the early morn we took Sunday pretty easy. We vegged out and not once left the house. Poor Bowie didn't even get a walk. I did fit in something new though, Paul on Saturday downloaded Pacific Rim: the Video Game, for the PS3 and I made my first character on Sunday and we played. Its not too bad for a $10 download. There are tons of customization options. That is normally my favorite part of a game, I could change lip color and hair styles all day, but even I began to just pick the default on a few options haha, but not too many.
I created Olympus Bombshell, she was the name of my Jaeger after taking a "Whats' your Jaeger Name" quiz. She is Teal, Blue, and pumpkin orange.

Day 21
We are having another Halloween Party

So Paul broke the news to me during our mini vacation this weekend that we are going to host a Halloween Party at our house on Saturday. I have to work most of the day so I that was fine if he was going to be responsible for getting everything ready (which is usually is because I always have to work on the day of our parties). He also sprung the news on me that we would be throwing together new costumes for the event. Yep a whole nother costume with 8 days notice. Fantastic. I was so close to saying no to me making a new costume, but....
who can say no to Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team. I am going to be Brian Fantana - Field Reporter.
We went to the Goodwill in Surprise on Monday and I picked out some sweet polyester plaid pants and a striped tie. I plan on wearing these with a jacket and a sweet 'stache.
I also want to make sure I have some Sex Panther cologne on me. I mean, come on, it works 60% of the time it works every time.
Here's a clip for the new movie you can enjoy .


 Day 22
Costume Fun

Paul and I were asked to be apart of a Kids Need To Read video they are making to promote the organization. It was fun. We put WWII Cap and the Widow on and drove down to spend the morning with Denise. Not sure if this counts as new, but it was the first time I was ever interviewed for KNTR.

 Day 23
New Series on Lifetime
I started recording this series on my DVR but haven't had a chance to watch it yet, so as I worked on Paul's Thor wig, I devoured the first 2 episodes. I like it. Part of that might be because of Julia Ormond, the other part is I just really like each of the ladies. The Sister/Aunt, Madchen Amick. I mean who wouldn't like a person who turns into a cat, has nine lives, and embraces and loves her unusual self .
Well, that is what I am doing right now and I still have one more episode to go so I am going to wrap this up and get to watching. Maybe have some tea and a cookie while do it. Hope everyone has a good evening! 

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