Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Presents

Very excited that Paul and I just finished the Doctor Octopus and Electro costumes that my nephews requested for Christmas presents.
*** We do Christmas late at my house, since I live so very far away and don't get vacation from November until end of January.***

They came out very cute.

The other costumes asked for were Joker and Riddler. We ordered a Joker (easier and just as good as I could make) but I am still waiting on the green blazer for the Riddler. I have cut out 45 question marks to be ironed on and Paul made a great question mark cane.

I am having so much fun with these!

I have been told I should do this as a side gig and sell them, the only thing is, I don't know if I can sell costumes that I don't create all myself. Many parts are ordered an pieced together. For instance, the Electro suit is actually a green ranger costume, I just attached all the details and made the mask. But I do enjoy doing this for fun ^^

Maybe if I work on my sewing and get a better machine I can make more myself. It is just too easy to order already made components and saves me a lot of work.


  1. super fun! i think that would be a great biz for you to go in! your costumes are super rad!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Miller, (can I say I love calling you that haha)
    When you are 60 I think you should be just like Ms Millar from the Chipettes!

    I might look into it, okay, I am actually planning on doing it a bit ^^