Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wonder Woman

So for Wonder Woman, I am thinking somwhere along these lines...

I have not decided whether I am going with the briefs or skirt but I am leaning towards the armor look in third picture. Xena meets Wonder Woman kinda thing. Of course that is probably the hardest because it would be almost entirely custom made.

I am also debating between a Valkyrie costume, modeled off the Marvel Universe or an Artemis costume of my own designs. A mix between Amazon Warrior and Maiden Goddess. Who knows. Knowing me I will take a completely differnet route all together and go as Moonstone or Ms Marvel or.... I don't know haha. Paul is going creating Ares from Marvel and I am trying to come up with a costume to premier beside him. There is Venus from Marvel, but her costume, uhm, leaves little to the imagination. I might be able to alter it, however.

I have so many costumes I need to make and then more that I want to make haha! I am working on a Zatanna to pair with Paul's Shazam. I still wan tto make Black Cat and update my Black Widow. I feel like the list is never ending. I am going to have prioritize and get cracking. First thing first is to finish up my nephews costumes for their Christmas presents. (We have Christmas at the end of January due to travel and work) The have asked for Doc Octopus and Electro from Spiderman, and Riddler and Joker from Batman. So cute. I am hoping hwne we get back to Texas someday we can all dress up together and go to the Austin Con. We will have to see, but on to costume making. I will look back this post for inspiration and motivation. Phoenix Con in May and SDCC in July!!!!

So thanks for everyone's support and help! I might be calling on some of you again!

Wish me Luck!


  1. Yay! Me too! I just want it to be different than your average costumer, especially if we get picked up by DC to represent them.