Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Suede Shoes

My friend, Mrs Miller, this should be you when you are 60 ! Pink Cadilac and singing those old songs while you dance around the kitchen cooking! Love it!!!!

I had one of those ho hum days at work that wasn't horrible, but it wasn't very good either. I am tired and forced myself to go runnning under threat of no computer it I didn't, but I still couldn't get my self to do P90x. Not filling to sad though, it was a good hard run and now I am tuckered out. When I get tired and don't want to work out I think of how happy I feel when I am done and all sweaty. As Elle Woods would say ~ Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!~ I am sure that makes my Tiger happy too ;) I do need to get new running shoes, mine talk to me. I like the first ones...

but will probably end up with the second for durability and practicality sake hehe ^^ Oh why do I have to be practical haha

I have also decided I am going to mix up my P90x with a few other workouts. My goal is to do Yoga at least once every 2 weeks, Rock Wall once a month, and I am going to get another fun dance or zumba dvd to mix in with the P90x. I want to keep it fun and change things up. I have to get a little more ripped for Wonder Woman and Valkyrie so more weight training also! (but not too ripped... I never liked huge muscles)

Off to play some Lord of teh Rings Online - Love It!!


  1. lol that will probably be me! i like the 1st pair of running shoes! i need a pair so i can start running! i hear it's not good to go running if you don't have good running shoes?! I've gotten better at doing yoga once a week, I need to do it more since I'm not really doing anything are so crazy and motivated, send some my way!

  2. here goes... MOTIVATION!!!! GO!!!!!!!!

    Did you get it?

    I hear the same thing about good shoes that is why I will go with the real running shoes, not the cute ones, but maybe just for me to wear out and about, hmmm

    I do P90x Yoga which is crazy but I also have a fun yoga tape which is still pretty hard but a little more "relax" and a little less "OMG I am dying"

    I just got a little bored and needed to change it up.I am also thinking if I can kick up my yoga training, that maybe in a year I will try and get my yoga cert to be an instructor.

  3. Just reading about all that working out made me feel tired. lol